Book description

Erin is very not okay. And it’s been this way for a long time. She is depressed. She is numb. She is exhausted down to her bones. She is a misanthrope and has bitterly retreated from the world, becoming a hermit in her small high-rise apartment. But, one day, a ray of light seems to enter her life at last: she falls madly in love with a mysterious stranger… in a dream. This jolts her like a shotgun-blast of sugary hope right to the face, banishing the doldrums and bleak meaninglessness she had been wrestling with before. It is the answer to a question she didn’t even realize she was asking.

Entranced by the siren song of these dreamworld trysts, she seeks them out each and every time she falls asleep. They provide a wellspring of impossible happiness which makes her feel whole again. And this soon transforms her life. It gives her a quest to pour herself into. For love can be a sublime thing and it can be a deranging force and it can also be both. She becomes desperately obsessed with her dreamt-up paramour and will try anything — no matter how difficult or esoteric or even dangerous — to unite the two of them permanently.

Fate has gifted her an existential skeleton-key, the likes of which no-one should have or even wish to have. Behind some doors is bliss; behind other doors is… something else, something darker. There are abyssal strangenesses into which one can plummet forever and ever, if one is not exceedingly careful.

But Erin has no time for caution. No time for it at all.

Whatever it takes! She will be with her beloved!


You can click HERE to read a sample (in this case, the first two chapters) of the book.

I’ve decided to provide my own sample alongside the one provided by Amazon, because unfortunately in some small ways the Amazon sample does not keep the right formatting for the book. This is due to how Amazon automatically repackages a sample in their own uniform presentation, and there’s nothing I can do about it. However, rest assured that it bears no relation to the actual eBook itself, which will display normally/as intended.

Info about the eBook version

If you’re reading the eBook in a way that allows you to choose the font, I strongly recommend that you go ahead and select the handpicked font the book comes with, which may be labelled ‘Publisher Font’ or ‘Publisher Default’ or something like that in the font selection box. The book was created/provided with that font for several reasons and I just think it’ll give you the best reading experience.

Info about the hardback version

I know that I would be expected to say this anyway, but I can personally attest to the high quality of the printed copies: the quality of the paper and the printed text, in particular, is excellent. I’m so happy with how the hardback version turned out, it’s awesome.

HERE is a video of what it looks like, in case you’re curious. (Or, at least, what it looks like under an ultra-bright ring light. Which is how everyone reads their books, right?…)

Where to get it

You should be able to find the book on most book-selling websites (though some will only have the physical copy, or only have the eBook, depending on their speciality.)

But for your convenience these clickable images below will provide you with a short list of some prominent places where it’s available: